Daniel Salatin — Using Nature to Solve Nature’s Problems

I adore Joel Salatin and love the fact that he has been such an outspoken advocate for farmers and farmers’ rights. There is, however, a completely unsung hero living on the same farm and with the same last name: Joel’s son, Daniel. I met so many farmers doing very interesting things while I was filming and screening Farmageddon, and I vowed to go back and film as many of them as I could. Warning: This film may not be for people that love bunnies. I think that what Daniel Salatin has done at Polyface with the Rackin’ House is a great model for a beginning farmer who may not have a lot of space. As you will see in the film, the Rackin’ House can produce rabbits and eggs, as well as nutrient dense soil, and one could even layer plants on top of the bunnies. This model could be used in the city also, which is why I thought it was so cool. I also love the Salatin mantra: Use nature to solve nature’s problems.

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