Kristin, The Filmmaker

After years of working with and advocating on behalf of farmers locally in New England and across the country as she sought to provide her family with the raw milk that healed her son, Kristin experienced first-hand the struggles that small-scale farms faced. These stories — from the farmers that form the foundation of America’s food system — inspired the documentary, Farmageddon – The Unseen War on American Family Farms.

Both produced and directed by Kristin, the film tells the story of how our national policies favor big business and large-scale operations over family farms — making it nearly impossible for the small farms that provide high-quality, nutrient rich foods to their local communities to survive. Farmageddon details how these farms were forced to stop, sometimes through violent searches and seizures by government agencies, and seeks to figure out why.

The film also parallels Kristin’s own quest to find healthy food for her four children and to discover why she was denied the freedom to choose certain foods for her family.

Farmageddon was critically acclaimed by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. The documentary was released in 2011.

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