Pasture to Plate

Kristin always aspired to open a restaurant or café, built around the principles of ancestral health, that would bring the nutrient rich, sustainable foods she served her family to the public. When she shared this vision with her friends in the farming community, they told her that there simply wasn’t a farm in existence that could give her the kind of control, standards and insight she desired. If she wanted to create the farm-to-table restaurant of her dreams, she was literally going to have to buy the farm.

In 2013, she did just that and purchased the Farm at Woods Hill in Bath, New Hampshire. After getting a full growing season under her belt, in 2015, Kristin opened Woods Hill Table and in February 2018, Kristin opened her second restaurant, Adelita, both located in Concord, Massachusetts. Religiously abiding by sustainable sourcing practices and standards, the food in Kristin’s restaurants are intrinsically tied to each ingredient’s journey – from managing an animal’s time grazing pastures to developing menus that work within the limitation of each season’s yield.

Meats are grass-fed and poultry pasture raised on her farm, produce is organic from her farm, as well as from other small farms throughout New England; seafood is line-caught from the New England waters; and the menus exclusively feature soaked beans and grain, fermented foods, sustainable oils such as coconut oil and animal fats, as well as raw cheeses and a locally-sourced raw bar.

Because those who care, cook and serve your food are also part of each ingredient’s journey from the farm to your plate, a healthy workplace environment is a key part of the culture at Kristin’s restaurants. Each employee is paid a fair wage, provided healthcare, maternity and paternity leave, two consecutive days off and paid vacation.

In 2019, Kristin is set to open her third restaurant located in Boston’s Seaport District.

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