Kristin’s Story


As a busy mother of four, Kristin’s world turned upside down in 1999 when doctors gave up hope in finding a cure for the debilitating asthma and numerous environmental allergies that had plagued her then pre-schooler son since birth.

She was told he was “allergic to the world” and would never live a normal life or be able to go outside. Rather than giving up hope, Kristin embarked on months of research that led her to discover the healing powers of ancestral health.

Ancestral health is defined by traditional farming practices and the consumption of raw and fermented foods. Raw milk – rich in vitamins and enzymes that pasteurized dairy lacks – proved to be the cure her son needed. Extremely hesitant at first, she began by drinking the milk herself for a few weeks before slowly adding it into her son’s diet. After just a few weeks of incorporating raw milk, his symptoms dissipated. Today, he is a vision of health and wellness – strong, athletic and completely free of the issues his doctors said would rob him of a normal life.

As her son’s strength and vitality grew, so too did Kristin’s interest in food and farming. She became a passionate advocate for both small-scale farms and others looking to tap into the powers of this way of life.