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Life Cycle

The Farm at Woods Hill is a fully working farm. Learn more about our care for the animals and what happens on the farm during each season.


The spring is the most active season at the farm. In late March and early April, the chickens, lambs and piglets are all born. The cows are born throughout the year, with most them in the spring. The animals stay in the barn until the weather is warmer but always have access to roam free in the pastures.

In early spring, the hives come in and the trees are tapped for maple syrup. The maple sap is used for drinks at Woods Hill Table and the rest is boiled down for maple syrup.

In late spring, the asparagus is harvested, and the rest of the vegetables grown at the farm are planted.


Summer is a time for growth at the farm. The animals grow strong through grazing in the open pastures, the mushroom logs are inoculated and the vegetables and fruit such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and berries are harvested for the local CSA and for those who stay at The Lodge and the Inn.


The fall is harvest season. Seasonal fruits and vegetables such as apples, squash and pumpkins are all picked. The honey is collected and bottled for year-round use at the restaurants and the animals are taken for slaughter.


The winter is a time for care and the focus is on keeping the female animals warm as they begin their gestation for the next year’s growing season. The chickens spend the season in the greenhouse while the cows, lambs, pigs and ducks heavy tree cover or open 3-sided barns, which allow for continuous access to the pasture for grazing.

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