My Favorite Healthy Summer Travel Tips (or Any time of Year)

The summer travel season is upon us and whether you are driving or flying, with a little preparation, you can ensure that you stay healthy on the road.

Here are my go-to travel tips:

  • I always bring my own food and snacks for the days I know I’ll be in transit. I don’t want to be tempted to stop for fast food or to eat the food on the plane. The items I typically pack are my own meat sticks or salami (from my farm The Farm at Woods Hill) sprouted nuts or seeds, dried fruit and an apple or a banana. I usually have raw chocolate with me for a sweet treat as well.
  • I also look ahead at the options at the airports or that are en route to my destination in case I get in a pinch or run out of the food I packed.
  • When looking at hotels or for places to stay at, I tend to book a Residence Inn (or similar suite style hotel) or an Airbnb that has a kitchenette or at least a refrigerator so I can fill the fridge with my own food.
  • After I book a trip, I immediately check to see if there are any raw milk farms where I am going. is a great resource. If I can find a farm at my destination that has raw milk, most often they also sell organic vegetables, eggs, butter and meats. It is the first place that I go when I arrive at my destination.
  • If there are no farms or farmer’s markets at the destination I am going to, I either go grocery shopping at a natural grocer or Whole Foods Market and stock the fridge with real foods such as olive oil and vinegar for my own salad dressings, eggs, Ezekiel bread, butter as well as vegetables and salad fixings. If all of this fails and there seems to be nothing around, I ship myself food from home.
  • I buy coconut oil as soon as I get to my location, usually at a natural grocer. Coconut oil can work as toothpaste, conditioner, skin cream as well as cooking oil.

When traveling, I most often make my own breakfast and lunch at my hotel room from the items I bring with me or purchase on location and then go out for dinner. I find dinner menus at most restaurants easier to navigate.

I try to stick to basic meal items that won’t have a lot added to them such as fish, grass-fed meats, salads with olive oil and vinegar on the side (or I bring my own dressing). I eat most of my food raw so I always look for a restaurant that has tartare, ceviche, crudo, charcuterie or raw shellfish.

How do you stay healthy when traveling?

Image by Ruth-Peterkin/Shutterstock


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