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Woods Hill Table

Woods Hill Table is a sustainable, organic farm-to-table restaurant located in Concord, Massachusetts that is built on the principle of ancestral health.

Working in tandem with The Farm at Woods Hill and other small-scale purveyors, the Woods Hill Table menu celebrates grass-fed proteins, raw milk cheeses, fermented foods, soaked grains, local, sustainable seafood, and seasonal, organic (a mix of practicing and USDA-certified) produce in dishes that call upon the best ecologically viable ingredients available.

Through careful attention to every element of an ingredient’s journey from farm to plate, Woods Hill Table serves food that is both flavorful and nutrient dense. All elements of the restaurant – from the dog treats created with leftover beef kidneys to the exclusive use of natural cleaning products kept in compostable spray bottles – demonstrate the high quality that can only be achieved through complete dedication to both craft and sourcing.

To make a reservation or to learn more about Woods Hill Table, visit woodshilltable.com or call 978-254-1435.

Woods Hill Table
24 Commonwealth Avenue
West Concord, MA, 01742